Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Login / Signin

When do I receive my username and password to log in?

When you purchase our product online, we will email you a link to start studying using our Learning Management System (LMS).

How do I log in?

Go here: Sign In page, enter your username and password, and press the Sign In key.

Which browsers are supported by Dr. Flowers MCAT?

Dr. Flowers MCAT supports by Firefox 3.2+, Safari 4.0+, IE 8.0+.

What should I do if I forgot my username or password?

Go here: I forgot my username or password to reset your password.

What should I do if I still can’t log in?

If you are unable to log in even after repeated attempts, please contact the support team at techsupport or Janice.

Why am I getting logged out?

This could be due to slow an Internet connection or that your server session expired.

Study Plan

How can I start my Study Plan?

After signing-in select My Study Plan (lower left) in your LMS. You edit your study plan settings by clicking “Edit Settings”. You can “Pause” your Study Plan or could “Remove” it as well from your tasks. You could buy more Study Plans according to your requirement.

Can I study more than one Study Plan at a time?

Yes, you could buy more than one Study Plan and Study. The tasks from both the Study Plans would feature in your daily tasks.

How can I purchase additional Study Plans?

Please visit our homepage or contact Janice.

Why do I have items in my Pending task tab?

This indicates that there are tasks that you have not completed. You might not have scored above the minimum score required to progress in your plan. Make sure to click the “Mark as Done” button in concepts.

Can I make my own Study Plan?

You cannot create your own study plan without consulting Dr. Flowers.

Learning Management System (LMS)

To whom do I address content related issues?

When you’re logged into the LMS, click the Help button and then Tech Support to access our Trouble Ticket System (TTS). Optionally if you’re unsure about a content matter, please click the Ask Dr. Flowers button. The tech support team aims to all your queries within 24 hours, excepting weekends and holidays.

I can't view the equations and images properly?

This could be as your machine doesn’t have Flash Player installed. Please install a Flash Player and try again. If you still have issues, contact Tech Support.

Why is that I still have items to be studied in my Pending task list?

This indicates that there are tasks that you have not completed. You might not have scored above the minimum score required to progress in your plan. Make sure to click the “Mark as Done” button in concepts.

Do I need to study all concepts in a Study Plan to score well in the MCAT?

You are required to study all the Must Know concepts i.e., the concepts which are of high priority and those which appear in the Study Plan. In addition many tasks may be required to be completed before you can progress in your study plan.

Statistics (My Stats)

Why is there no change in the percentage of Goal attained?

You might not have started attempting the CBT tests and also the mandatory tasks. This could be the reason why the percentage of Goal obtained hasn’t changed even after attempting tasks in your study plan.

Why is that even after completing the concepts and review tests, still the goal percentage doesn’t show any improvement?

The statistics – Goals are directly linked to the CBTs. Perhaps you have not attempted any AAMC practice tests.

How quickly are stats updated in My Stats page?

We update statistics data once a day. This includes the change in the scores and the percent of goal attained.

Review Tests

Why are my answers not getting saved?

You might have a slow Internet connection or your server session has expired.

How can I review my previous tests?

Yours statistics are captured, but you’re not be able to review specific previous tests results.

Do I need buy the Practice Tests separately?

We recommend the use of the practice tests made available by AAMC. Please visit their website at AAMC.org or more specifically https://students-residents.aamc.org

Where can I go take the practice tests?

Under the Advanced menu, click Review Tests.

Can I create my own Review Test?

Yes, click the Advanced Focus button on the Review Tests page.

Why are questions repeating in my Practice Tests?

The practice tests which are built in by Dr. Flowers and in Study Plan based predefined tests, the Questions are pulled in from a question pool and depending on the subject matter and the frequency of testing, it is possible to receive repeated questions.

What do I need to do when I find errors in the practice?

If you do find errors either in the answers or in the explanations, please notify the tech support team through Help button, then Tech Support. Or if you’re unsure, you access Ask Dr. Flowers button.

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